The year is 2105. It is one year since the trauma of the Apocalypse War and Mega-city One is still reeling from the loss of 400 million citizens and most of the southern city sectors. During the war you served in the resistance as cadets and now you step out into the city with your full eagle. 400 million citizens may be dead but there’s another 400 million potential perps out there! What are you waiting for? You are the law

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Taken from John Caliber’s We are the Law

Who Is Your Judge?

Take some time to think about your judge’s personality and physical description. It is taken for granted that all judges love the law and hate criminals, but don’t enter that as your sole character profile unless you really do intend for your judge to be a total bore. The most important detail to paint your judge with is a personality. Judges are human beings placed in an extremely stressful and dangerous lifestyle. How does your particular judge cope with being a law man in the most dangerous city on Earth? Humans put under duress will either snap and withdraw from the danger, or adapt, developing coping skills and mental and physical resilience to deal with the challenge. Judges are trained to be intimidating and forceful with an air of stern authority. Without fail, however, judges need an outlet for the stress that accumulates day after day on the streets of Mega-City One. Some of that tension is released by inflicting physical pain on criminals, all within legal tolerances. This may also express itself as an abrasive, sarcastic, cynical or verbally aggressive manner when interacting with citizens and other judges. This is a “necessary evil” that is tolerated by the Justice Department as long as it does not interfere with a judge’s primary
role – that of a law enforcer. Many judges find there are instances when their aggression gets the better of them and they resort to extreme physical or verbal measures. To predict increasing stress levels, all judges are ordered to attend monthly meetings with a Personnel Unit med-judge where their behaviour can be monitored and emotions inconsistent with Justice Department regulations balanced. Chemical medication may be prescribed, such as emosup tabs to inhibit emotional instabilities. More healthy forms of stress therapy can be found in the sector house x-deck where the judge can spar with his colleagues and compete in Bull, a sport involving violent physical contact. Street judges then are edgy, assertive and quick to act, but these characteristics do not apply to all judges. Psi-judges generally have a less violent predisposition, but are eccentric in their personality and mannerism. Desk judges are often rookie judges lacking the necessary aggression and commitment to law enforcement, failing to make the full eagle. Desk judges often have personalities more in common with citizens than with street judges. Of course there are exceptions to the rule. Some judges have managed to break through the imaginary social barrier that separates the judge and the citizen, and suffer less stress because they can relate with citizens as potential friends and not as potential futsies. These individuals are not “bad” judges, but have managed to separate their paramilitary training from their emotional centre; they have become more rounded. Such judges adapt more quickly and more successfully to new and unusual challenges and statistically will develop fewer stress-related problems during their career than their “shoot first, cuff later” colleagues
An easy way to come up with a basic personality for your judge is to study his rpg statistics for an insight into the kind of man or woman he is. For example, a high Str facet indicates him as somebody who works out more than his colleagues. A relatively low IQ facet marks him as a judge who prefers to use his fists instead of his brain.

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